TeVaka Charters Biosphere Expeditions

Reef Check for the largest Coral Reef Monitoring Organization.

This organization engages public citizens in reef monitoring efforts. Results from these efforts contribute valuable information to aid decisions makers in private and public governmental agencies.

In order to collect this data and involve the public TeVaka Charters are offering an opportunity to have a holiday with a bit of difference.  Groups of up to 6 can live aboard, or arrangements can be made for larger groups or budget clients to be land based with accommodation at Paradise Sunset Bungalows, Lamen Bay, Epi Island, Vanuatu.

Vanuatu reefs are some of the most magnificent and diverse on earth and like many reef systems, are facing the pressures of destructive fishing practises, invasion of the Crown of Thorns starfish, depleting fish stock, aquamarine collecting, as well as threats posed by global warming and coral diseases.

You will receive a reef training kit and be trained using the same techniques in collecting data by a  Reef  Watch certified marine biologist to monitor the health of the northern Epi Island reefs. Clients must be confident in snorkelling.

Expedition:  onboard 8days/7nights Cost $1,980.00 Aus per person
Expedition:  onboard 6days/5nights Cost $1,500.00 Aus per person

Expedition: Land Based 8days/7nights Cost $ 1,500.00 Aus per person
Expedition   : Land Based    7days /6 nights cost $1,100.00

Meals and snorkel gear included.   Airfares are not included.

There are direct and connecting flights from Port Vila, Vanuatu to Lamen Bay, Wednesdays and Saturdays same day Connections to New Zealand & Australia

Contact us to book your place  email:

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